Are you a Managed Service Provider (MSP) concerned about the increasing cybersecurity threats targeting your business? In the wake of the Kaseya VSA ransomware attacks, MSPs are now primary targets for cybercriminals due to their access to numerous client networks and systems. It’s crucial to have robust security measures tailored to Remote Monitoring and Management (RMM) solutions. RMMSec provides the comprehensive solution you need, offering a catalogue of strategies and measures to harden MSP infrastructures against ransomware attacks and ensure business continuity.

A Balanced Approach

RMMSec recognizes the importance of balancing security with business requirements. With 15 years of experience in the RMM and MSP market, we understand how to balance security with SLA-induced requirements, ensuring tailored measures that support both security and operational needs.

Protect Your On-Premises RMM Deployments

For on-premises RMM solutions, such as Kaseya VSA 9, VSA 10, Tactical RMM, or others, RMMSec offers a comprehensive security review and makes implementations of various measures, including:

  • Access Control: IP-based access controls to web interfaces prevent unauthorized users from deploying malicious payloads.
  • Security Hardening: Secure ciphers and firewall configurations reduce the attack surface, while improved logging aids forensic investigations.
  • Emergency Response: A catalog of preventive and reactive measures helps MSPs respond effectively to attacks, minimizing impact and restoring operational integrity.

Secure Your Cloud-Based RMM Solutions

For cloud-based RMM users, RMMSec provides guidance on the Shared Responsibility Model, clarifying the distribution of security responsibilities between cloud providers and MSPs:

  • Provider Responsibilities: Cloud providers secure the infrastructure, including servers, storage, and network configurations.
  • MSP Responsibilities: MSPs secure their applications, configurations, and access controls. RMMSec offers tools and strategies to mitigate risks, including multi-factor authentication, role-based access controls, and backup strategies.

Ensure Business Continuity

RMMSec integrates a Business Continuity Management plan, ensuring MSPs maintain operational integrity during and after attacks:

  • Change Management: Regular software updates and patches mitigate vulnerabilities.
  • Email Management: Quarantine measures and sandboxing prevent malicious attachments from reaching users.
  • Backup Strategy: Secure and diversified backups for MSPs and clients preserve data integrity during ransomware incidents.
  • Awareness/Training: Ongoing cybersecurity training for MSP staff and clients reduces the risk of negligent behavior leading to breaches.

Take Action Now

RMMSec is a comprehensive cybersecurity solution for MSPs, addressing vulnerabilities in both on-premises and cloud-based RMM deployments. Our offering provides robust protection against ransomware attacks, supports business continuity, and helps MSPs safeguard themselves and their clients.

Secure your MSP’s future today. Contact Old Forge Technologies to learn more about RMMSec and take the first step towards a safer digital environment.