Hello everyone,

We’re thrilled to introduce a new service here at Old Forge Technologies that strengthens your data protection strategy: The Old Forge Vaults.

In today’s digital world, securing critical data against cyber threats, system failures, and natural disasters is more important than ever. That’s why we’ve developed a secure offline backup solution designed to safeguard your precious data with an added layer of security.

Our new service leverages the latest in optical drive technology, storing your data on a variety of media such as DVDs and Blu-ray discs. This data is then securely housed within our dedicated facility, located in the heart of Suffolk/Cambridgeshire, ensuring both protection and accessibility. This method of storage is known as “air gapping,” which means your data is completely disconnected from the internet and any networks—making it effectively immune to cyberattacks and online vulnerabilities.

Physical Benefits

The physical nature of this backup method provides a robust defence against a range of digital threats. EM (electromagnetic) interference, which can wreak havoc on electronic systems, does not affect our optical storage, ensuring your data remains safe in even the most extreme scenarios. Additionally, our storage environment is designed to protect against physical damage, ensuring the longevity and integrity of your backups. Read below the section on various use cases.

Understanding Recovery Duration

While the security benefits are significant, it’s important to be upfront about the recovery duration. Accessing and restoring data from offline backups is not as immediate as online systems. Recovery times can vary depending on the volume and specifics of the data requested. However, we ensure that the process is as swift and efficient as possible, maintaining a balance between security and accessibility.

Premium Local Pickup and Restore Service

To further enhance our offering, we provide a premium option for local pickup and restore. This is currently limited to the Cambridgeshire/Suffolk area. This means that we personally handle the transportation of your backup media to and from our secure storage facility. For businesses from toy makers in quaint market towns to equestrian industry leaders managing stables and breeding records, this service offers not only top-tier data protection (24/7 CCTV security with alarm protection) but also the convenience of local, hands-on support.

This service is designed as a complementary benefit to your existing digital strategies. Think of it as an insurance policy for your data, ensuring that you have a reliable backup that remains untouched by the digital world’s inherent risks. On the ground, not in the cloud.

We’re excited to bring this solution to you, not just as a service provider, but as your local partner in data security. At Old Forge Technologies, we’re committed to offering solutions that meet the unique needs of all businesses, big or small, technical or artisanal.

In addition to our backup solutions, we also offer comprehensive digitisation services. For businesses swamped with paper records, we can help you transition to a more secure, accessible format. Our team will carefully scan and digitize large volumes of paperwork, converting them into digital files that are then securely archived in the Old Forge Vaults. This not only frees up physical space but also enhances data retrieval capabilities while ensuring your records are preserved long-term in a protected environment

Use Cases

Financial Compliance Archiving: UK businesses are required to keep financial records for at least six years under HMRC regulations. Old Forge Vaults offers a secure offline solution for archiving invoices, receipts, tax records, and payroll data, ensuring they remain protected and accessible for audits or compliance checks.

Legal Document Storage: Law practices across the UK can benefit from secure, long-term storage of case files and client documents that are sensitive and may be required for future reference but do not necessitate immediate access. This service is ideal for storing legal documents past the active case lifecycle.

NHS and Private Healthcare Records: Under NHS guidelines, medical records should be retained for a minimum period, varying from patient to patient. Offline storage ensures these records are securely archived, protecting patient confidentiality while complying with GDPR and other privacy regulations.

Academic and Research Data Preservation: Universities and research institutions in the UK generate significant amounts of data that need to be preserved for future academic scrutiny and regulatory compliance, including data related to funded projects and experimental results.

Cultural and Creative Media Archiving: UK’s robust film, music, and arts sectors often require secure archiving solutions for original works, recordings, and digital files. Old Forge Vaults provides a secure location, safeguarding creative assets against loss and digital threats.

Architectural and Engineering Plans: With large-scale infrastructure projects common in UK cities and towns, architectural firms and construction companies need reliable long-term storage for building plans and project documentation, ensuring they are available for future developments or historical reference.

Public Sector Archiving: Local councils and government departments in the UK require the retention of various documents, from planning permissions to policy documents. Secure offline storage ensures these records are preserved in compliance with public records laws and are protected from data breaches.